The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook

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The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook:
Weight Loss Made Simple

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On August 5, 2014, Susan started an email list. She wanted to try to build an online following, hoping that someday she’d be able to publish the book she had conceived in a morning meditation: Bright Line Eating.

Since that day, over a million people in 190 of the 195 countries on earth have joined that email list, and Bright Line Eating has become a worldwide movement.

And the movement has a mission: to help one million people get down into a right-size body by 2030, and we want you to join us.

So, let’s talk about The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook.

This cookbook came to be because of the overwhelming number of requests from the BLE community. We now have so many people doing Bright Line Eating who have developed amazing recipes and ways of preparing and relating to food that we thought it was time to put it all in a book to share with you.

This is not your typical cookbook. It talks about a way of eating that’s abundant, colorful, and nutritional, but also simple. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and nothing in between. We love our food, but we also keep our food uncomplicated enough to help our brains recalibrate to a lower body weight, so that we can carry on with our lives in addition to eating delicious meals.

That’s why the name of the book is The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook: Weight Loss Made Simple.

Now, when you order the cookbook, you’ll receive two special gifts…

First of all, there’s something not included in the cookbook: how Susan eats. The first bonus is a set of videos of Susan in the kitchen, preparing her food, talking you through it so you can do it yourself at home. You’ll also get a PDF with exactly the ingredients that Susan used in the videos, tailored to the Bright Line Eating Weight Loss Plan.

The second bonus is the audiobook of the cookbook, so that you can listen to the content anywhere, anytime.

You’ll get instant access to both of the free bonuses when you follow a few quick steps…

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We hope you enjoy the cookbook. Hundreds of people collaborated on this project, and we are so proud of the final product. So, go ahead and order now to join us in the kitchen!


Eat Like Susan!

Get a peek behind the scenes of Susan Peirce Thompson’s life and learn what she has eaten to lose weight with our free gift to you, “Eat Like Susan: Susan’s Personal Weight-Loss Meal Plan.” Watch Susan prep and cook in her kitchen while you follow along with a PDF guide.


The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook Audiobook

This cookbook is more than a collection of recipes. It teaches you why Bright Line Eating works, how to follow the plan, and the benefits of sticking to a simple diet. In this free audiobook, listen to Susan herself explain the neuroscience of sustainable weight loss while you learn how to be successful with this revolutionary way of eating.

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The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook includes:

  • The basics of BLE
  • Tons of delicious, sugar- and flour-free recipes with gorgeous color photos
  • Tips and tricks from Bright Lifers (the most dedicated members of our community)
  • Omnivore and Whole-Food Plant-Based weekly meal plans

Praise for The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook

“This is absolutely unlike any other cookbook. Dr. Thompson offers an opportunity for a new relationship with food… Meaning no more yo-yo dieting. No more pain of regain. For the generations whose brains were hijacked by refined foods, Bright Line Eating is truly a revolution.”

Director, Cleveland Center for Functional Medicine and best-selling author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?

“If you struggle with food, your weight, addictive eating, and are just plain tired of trying to decide what to eat, then Bright Line Eating could be the best decision you’ve ever made.”

New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom