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New York Times bestselling author Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson’s talks address the challenge of genuine transformation, and weave vivid stories with the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, revealing pathways to revolutionary, sustainable change.

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Willpower is more tightly correlated with happiness and success than almost any other attribute, yet most people are surprisingly unaware of how willpower works in the brain and what they can do to increase their ability to apply self-regulation skills in their daily lives. Woven with personal insights and anecdotes, this lecture is a romp through the history of several fascinating psychology experiments. I discuss how we can increase our resistance to willpower depletion and how it affects every area of our lives, including our ability to eat more healthfully, exercise more frequently, smoke fewer cigarettes, or even wash our dirty laundry more often. People who employ self-regulation skills earn more, feel better about themselves, are less likely to end up in jail, are more likely to stay married, and, generally speaking, are better employees and more likely to live happy, fulfilling, productive lives. Finally, I leave attendees with a practical implementation plan for improving willpower and overall quality of life. People emerge from this talk feeling energized, awestruck, hopeful, and motivated to take some very simple steps to improve their quality of life immediately.


People are concerned about their weight. Companies are concerned about their employees’ health. The government is concerned about the growing waistlines of the population, and the observers of our federal coffers are horrified at the thought of paying for the consequences of the obesity epidemic over the coming years. Everybody wants to be trim and fit, and billions of dollars are spent each year in the quest, but practically no one is succeeding. Why not? What is going on here? Why is long-term sustainable weight loss such an elusive target? Why can’t we get lean and stay that way, despite the fact that there’s nothing we want more? There are answers to these questions and they’re not the ones you’ve been hearing. There is a true underlying science of sustainable weight loss and it has everything to do with how the brain works. The brain is blocking us from losing weight, and until we re-train it to work in our favor, no amount of money, effort, desire, or action is going to help. In this lecture, I outline the true science of sustainable weight loss and leave participants among the .01% most educated people in the world on this critical and misunderstood subject.


You get a bigger boost in overall happiness if you join a social club that meets once a month than if your salary is doubled. People have a hard time comprehending this because we believe if we made twice as much money, we would be so much happier. But the truth is that the road to happiness is paved with connections to other human beings. It turns out, the behaviors and activities that make this possible center around the new science of human connection. Interaction with other human beings changes our physiology, right down to the level of our genes, in ways that previously seemed the stuff of science fiction. The effects are massive and they permeate every aspect of us, from the timing of our heartbeat in tandem with the inhalation of our breath, to the way we control the micro-movements of our facial muscles, to our ability to understand the true meaning and intentions of our loved ones and co-workers when they’re speaking to us. This lecture presents a radical new framework for human connection and unpacks it at the cellular level, at the biological level, and at the physiological level, leaving everyone feeling hopeful and more connected, and outlines simple steps audiences can take to improve their lives.

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I believe that Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson is one of the great leaders of our times. Her work is groundbreaking. Her program is profoundly effective. Her delivery is mesmerizing. And her mission can literally transform the lives of hundreds of millions of people. This is the real deal. The more people who experience her work, the more hope and health we will have on this planet.

Ocean Robbins

When it comes to issues of weight loss and food addiction, I know of no one in the world more expert, more helpful, more wise, or more compassionate than Susan Peirce Thompson. Her ability to empathize and to effectively help people dealing with these issues is unparalleled. And she brings a bright, loving spirit to everything she does that makes working with her a joy.

John Robbins

I had the privilege of interviewing Susan Peirce Thompson and I found her to be one of the most compassionate, intelligent, and well researched people I've ever met. Her knowledge about proper dietary choices and food addiction is next to none, and she shared with me about her own previous struggles with weight and addiction. She definitely walks the talk, and her information on Bright Line Eating can help us all to reach our goals and live happy, healthy lives.

Ty Bollinger

The fact that Susan explains in a fun, interesting way and also shares her own story a lot, she makes it very relatable to her—she walks the walk, not just talks the talk. And boy can she talk the talk. I mean, the girl’s a Brainiac—ain’t nothin’ that girl don’t know…

Celine Horan (Zurich, Switzerland)

The way she is in the modules, the way she is in her webinars…is exactly how she is in person.

Jan Deutsch (Wakefield, RI)

Susan always blows our minds.

Leslee Feiwus (Plano, TX)