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cheersLet’s be real for a second. Sustainable weight loss hasn’t really existed until now. In fact, according to the best available data, fewer than 1% of people who try to lose weight will succeed at all. If your brain is wired for food addiction and you haven’t learned what that means, no diet is going to work for you.

I’m here to educate you, but more than that, I’m here to walk this journey with you. —Susan Peirce Thompson


Start Losing Weight

The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is a comprehensive 8-week program, delivered 100% online, that rewires your brain so you can finally live Happy, Thin, and Free.

One of the obvious benefits is weight loss—on average, people lose 17 pounds during the program, but weight loss of 25 pounds or more is not uncommon. We offered three Boot Camps in 2015, and in them participants collectively lost 43,000 pounds!

Bright Line Eating is neither a short-term solution nor a weight-loss gimmick. It’s a comprehensive system that delivers a life-altering transformation, and because of this, it’s common for people to continue losing weight long after the Boot Camp ends until they get all the way down to goal weight…and then we teach them how to stay there long-term.

But our Boot Campers agree—weight loss isn’t nearly the best benefit. Our tagline is Happy, Thin, and Free for a reason: “thin” is not “well,” and being thin is pretty worthless if you’re not also happy and free. By the time the Boot Camp ends, over 90% of Boot Campers report that not only has their eating gotten easier, but they now experience little to no food cravings.

Another enormous benefit of the Boot Camp is the support. This is a very high-touch, hands-on, well-structured program. Boot Campers quickly realize they’ve become a part of a massive, loving, welcoming family that is always there to support them in times of need and genuinely wants to help them succeed. Boot Campers truly fall in love with the program and the Bright Line Eating way of living, and frequently choose to stick around for life. It’s an amazing journey, and it all starts here. Simply put, the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is the experience of a lifetime.

Personal Coaching

We have a limited number of Bright Line Eating coaches on staff who each take only two or three private clients at a time. Susan herself does private coaching, but because she prefers to personally witness and facilitate the full transformation, she only accepts one or two clients per year and requires a one-year commitment up front. The investment is significant, but the results are priceless. To learn more about private coaching, click the button below to contact her.

Maintain Your Weight

Bright Lifers is a program for people who have experienced the profound transformation Bright Line Eating offers and have committed themselves to BLE as a way of life. The Bright Lifers program includes a special, separate online support community where Susan herself often comments and participates. It also comes with a host of special benefits, including discounts, ongoing group coaching calls, access to our BLE Library Archives, and first-to-know privileges for everything new that comes down the pike from Bright Line Eating.

Ready to take her hand?


[I was] encouraged by Susan's uncanny ability to talk to me directly about how I was feeling or what I was coping with at that moment.

Colleen Egan

The support and love you get in Bright Line Eating is like no other. Throughout my journey I never felt alone. If I had questions, or wanted to share a celebration, or I just needed some support, someone was there for me. Susan and her team are very passionate about what they have to offer and it reflects in this program. They are just awesome.

Corina Flora

Bright Line Eating is the whole package. It's an excellent food plan and it WORKS. TRUST the plan. Try to think of it as a lifestyle and not a diet. Focus on the weight and you'll lose your Bright Lines; focus on the Bright Lines and you'll lose the weight. I went in thinking this is the last plan I'll ever need and that is so true. Secondly, jump into the Bootcamp fully—participate in the support system, listen to all the modules. You are cheating yourself if you don't. Think of the Bootcamp as the foundation for the rest of your life.

Jan Deutsch

If you are willing to trust and follow the program you will experience a freedom from food and weight obsession that you never could dream possible. Whether you lose weight quickly like my daughter or slowly like myself, you WILL get to the same place of reaching your goal. The secret is to be UNSTOPPABLE! There is always support and encouragement available.

Lorna Grant

What you will learn here goes beyond losing weight which is probably why you are here. BLE will answer questions that you did not even realize you had. Perhaps for the first time in your life, you will understand. More than taking off a few pounds that everyone agrees is a good idea, you can choose to go to your healthiest weight and stay there. Happy, Thin, and Free applies to far more than your weight and food issues. The program shows you how to apply what you have learned and live a happier and healthier life.

Nat Denkin

[Bright Line Eating] will be, and is the best thing that YOU will EVER do for yourself. No more misery. Your life is going to change and you will be so very happy and content. This program is so easy, you just have to work it—if you work it, it will work for you.

Lynda Hahn

I have spent all of my adult life (25+ years) gradually learning about and trying to implement a lifestyle that gives me the body and health that I desire long-term. I was never successful until Bright Line Eating. …Susan Peirce Thompson's program provides an almost overwhelming diversity of information and support to provide all of us individuals the keys we need to be successful. BLE is comprehensive, potent, and effective.

Scott Steinhorst

[As a personal coach] Susan was inspiring, immensely helpful, supportive and kind. In addition, she held me accountable to the process. She called me daily at first to be sure I was understanding and adhering to the process. As my need for daily communication diminished, she and I decided how often we would talk. She was encouraging as well as gentle and firm in holding me to the guidelines. She has that ideal combination of compassionate listening, grounded, informed information and no nonsense accountability. She's extraordinary.

Carol Henry

Susan over-delivers in every way—whether it is in videos, shared information, or sharing of her own experience with no holds barred—and I was able to experience this example of what it means to be totally and completely honest when I worked with her in private coaching. I am a skeptic at heart - often questioning others' motives for interacting with me - and in Susan, I found real, honest love and concern. She is the "real deal," as a dear friend once said, and I feel truly privileged and honored to have benefited so much from her advice and experience.

Roberta Joiner

Having known and worked with Susan for the past year and a half, I have found her to be insightful beyond her years, offering a thoughtful, non-judgmental perspective. She is a caring and supportive voice of experience, committed to helping people find their way to optimal health and happiness. Her genuine concern for my challenges, and her passion for her mission, combine to make her a phenomenal coach, partner, and role model. Finally after a lifetime of experimentation, I have found, with Susan's help, an effective strategy for me.

Lois Boyd

Having Susan as a private coach was something I had never experienced before. It was much to my delight, she was very skillful at recognizing my needs when it came to weight loss and how to keep myself staying the course and the love she has and gives is amazing. She really only had my best [interests] at heart. I would recommend her coaching to everyone, if she would only have enough time to give it to everyone.

Teresa Stawicki